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We SHOP & DELIVER Groceries

We PICK-UP & DELIVER Pharmaceuticals

We PICK-UP & DELIVER Restaurant Orders

For the Wickenburg, Congress and Yarnell/Peeples Valley area.

We are from a small town rooted in community, service and helping your neighbor. 

We understand how busy life can be. Believe us. 

And sometimes getting to the grocery store is torture, absolute torture. 

Our dream is to make that easier. We do the shopping for you and keep it budget friendly. Why? Because we have been there.


Tip of the Week

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes and Eggs

Hello early morning, I'm starving!

I am always looking for something filling in the morning. I'm always STARVING. Enter sweet potatoes. They are full of vitamins and such a healthy alternative to the starchy white potatoes. *Bonus for us, we use farm fresh eggs with all the good sun-giving vitamins and nutrients.

Cook med-large Sweet Potato in microwave for 4 min each side

Scramble eggs

Diced Green Onions

Bacon...because duh


Seasoning of Choice

Scoop out Sweet Potato filling and mix ingredients together

Pop in the oven for 5 minutes

Easy, filling and healthy. Seriously, could you start your day better?

Our Vision

We have a dream..Yes, we absolutely do. We want to make life easier We know how it feels to be stuck at home without a vehicle and in need of milk. We have toted children screaming through the store with a mile long list. We have been on a tight budget.

We love our community and are excited to be part of it.

That is part of our dream. We also want to be involved. We want to make our community a beautiful and wonderful place to live through volunteerism and lending a helping hand.

We support:

St. Mary's Food Bank

The Wickenburg Unified School District

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